Repair your Jewelry!

Gold and silver jewelery that comes from your family can be a precious memory for you. We offer you the opportunity to offer these for repair. You can also have your jewelry cleaned and re-polished or redone again. You can also use our service to use diamonds or gems or to check the settings. The engraving of a special event in your jewelry is also one of our many options. All our repairs are carried out by our certified goldsmith.


The most common repair activities for diamond jewelry are:

  • Restoring arm bandages
  • The enlargement and reduction of rings
  • Restoring charm bracelets and placing new eyes
  • Repairing or re-placing pins on brooches
  • Restoring hangers or placing a coin in a hanger
  • Polishing and refurbishing jewelry
  • Checking settlements with gems
  • Placing new closures
  • Repairing wear and tear on closures

Do you have special wishes for entertaining jewelry to a new design? Let us know, together with you we will design a suitable solution. If your jewelery can not be repaired anymore, you will hear it from us and we will offer you the opportunity to redeem your jewelery for cash or exchange it with the purchase of one of our products.